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New landmark in Yangpu underway in Shanghai

en.sww.sh.gov.cn | Updated:Jan 14, 2020

Construction of a new landmark building, which will apparently be the highest twin-towered skyscraper in Yangpu district of Shanghai, started on Jan 10, according to local media. 

The two 280-meter towers, to be an urban complex with the highest standards in the northeast region of Shanghai, are expected to be completed by 2025.

They will be connected by a terrace in the air, and what will be on the terrace?

The top floors of the twin buildings will be neither restaurants nor sightseeing platforms, but a garden. The project developer – The Springs – will make full use of the most valuable space to create the highest garden in Shanghai.

Policy support and innovation are essential to the success of breakthrough construction projects.

The twin-tower skyscrapers will become another highlight landmark in the sub-center of Shanghai's Wujiaochang area of Yangpu district in Shanghai, said Xu Jianhua, deputy head of the district.

As one of the largest high-end multi-functional integrated communities under construction in Shanghai, the urban complex has successfully attracted Nike, Continental AG and other internationally renowned enterprises as tenants.

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