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The 3rd China International Import Expo

en.sww.sh.gov.cn | Updated:Mar 30, 2020

The third China International Import Expo (CIIE) will be held in the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from Nov 5 to 10.

The business exhibition, an important part of CIIE, will comprise six exhibition areas: trade in services, automobiles, intelligent industry and information technology (IT), consumer goods, medical equipment and healthcare products, as well as food and agricultural products.

Registration for the expo is now open. Exhibitors can register on the official website (https://www.ciie.org/ciie/f/book/register?locale=en).

More about the six exhibition areas


Floor plan of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) [Photo/ciie.org]

1.1 hall – Trade in Services

The Trade in services area includes two categories: trade in productive services and trade in life services.

Trade in productive services includes finance (banking, insurance, asset management, etc.), logistics, IT, inspection and testing, integrated services, and supply chain management. Trade in life services includes services in culture, tourism, education, entertainment and sports.

2.1 hall – Automobiles

The automobile area will be divided into whole vehicles, automotive parts and components, electronics, supporting products and maintenance supplies, new energy products and technologies, driving products and technologies, and intelligent travel products and technologies.

Exhibitors will use cutting-edge products and concepts to interpret different understandings of automobiles and environmental protection, automobiles and intelligence, and automobiles and future life.

3/4.1/5.1 hall – Intelligent Industry and Information Technology

The exhibits in the intelligent industry and IT area cover equipment for industrial automation and digital data, high-end machinery manufacturing, industrial finished products, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Exhibitors will display advanced high-tech solutions that can give participants a peek into future science and technology.

6.1/6.2 hall – Consumer Goods

The consumer goods area, with "green, low-carbon and environmental protection" as key words, includes beauty and cosmetics, household goods and gifts, intelligent life and household appliances, maternal and child products, sports and outdoor leisure, fashion trends and works of art.

7.1/7.2 hall – Medical Equipment and Healthcare Products

The exhibits in the medical equipment and healthcare products area cover drugs, devices, old-age rehabilitation and ancillary products, dietary supplements, cosmetology, health tourism and medical technology and services.

Major pharmaceutical companies will bring the latest scientific and technological achievements and new products to the expo.

1.2/8.1/8.2 hall – Food and Agricultural Products

The exhibits in the food and agricultural products area range from beverages and alcohol, snacks, sweets, condiments, dairy products, vegetables, fruit, meat, aquatic products and frozen food, organic food, packaged food and comprehensive food.

Delicious food from across the world will be displayed at the expo, creating a global feast for foodies.

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