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MODE Shanghai Fashion Trade Show

en.sww.sh.gov.cn | Updated:Apr 20, 2020


As the only official trade show for Shanghai Fashion Week, MODE Shanghai is committed to the improvement of the fashion industry and meeting the needs of the domestic fashion retail market. [Photo/WeChat account: scofcom]

As the only official trade show for Shanghai Fashion Week, MODE Shanghai Fashion Trade Show is scheduled to be held from April 27 to 30.

This year, MODE Shanghai will adopt a new order mode integrating online and offline means to solve the urgent needs of the upstream and downstream of the fashion industrial chain under the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Due to the pandemic, the time limit of each link from new product development to order delivery has been lengthened, and both brands and buyers are facing many difficulties.

"The launch time this season was a deliberate decision," said Zhang Jie, project director of MODE Shanghai. "The end of April is the right time, because it not only gives all parties a certain amount of time to prepare, but also enables them to expand the order and exchange channels.

"This time we started the offline and online dual-track ordering mode. Buyers can scan the QR code on site or search the key words directly to see the product details page on their phone, and can also place orders by phone."

At the same time, MODE Shanghai has joined hands with SF Express, which has been cooperating for many years, to provide brand creativity with a more efficient intelligent supply chain network. Brands and buyers who have registered in the MODE "cloud ordering" platform will have access to more complete and optimized full-link services and supporting e-commerce business services provided by SF Express.

In the future, the online ordering platform will become a long-term service of MODE Shanghai. More functions and services will be put online, making the meeting of offline ordering more flexible and efficient, Zhang said.

MODE Shanghai is committed to improving the fashion industry and to meeting the needs of the domestic retail market. Featuring highly efficient services, rich resources and a full range of media channels, MODE Shanghai aims to be an optimized business platform for buyers and fashion business insiders, providing a brand new exhibition experience for all.

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