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2019 Work Report on the Government Information Disclosure of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce

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5. We took the initiative in disclosing government information. In 2019, the Commission continued to broaden its information disclosure channels in accordance with the Regulations and the Provisions, deepened the contents disclosed to the public and has effectively promoted government information disclosure. Over the course of the year, 53 items of government information were disclosed, and the electronic rate of this information achieved a level of 100 percent. Key work of government information disclosure:

(1) We promoted the disclosure of information relevant to the China International Import Expo, and successfully finished the government information disclosure work of the second CIIE. We released in advance the service assurances information – such as the exit and entry of exhibitors, security of surrounding areas and traffic during the exhibition – so as to facilitate the participation of all parties to the greatest extent. We made efforts to explain functions of the CIIE "6 days + 365 days" one-stop trading service platform for foreign exhibitors, provided services for exhibitors from all over the world to enter the Chinese market, and did everything possible to expand the trading results and spillover effects of the expo.

(2) We revised auction business licensing guidelines combining the double halved requirements of "access via one website". We published the latest requirements, conditions and procedures, and in a timely manner released policy documents and administrative inspection information related to the auction industry for the convenience of enterprises and individuals. We guided and supervised the public auction networks closely connected to the municipal government affairs publicity office to promote the timely disclosure of public resources auction information.

(3) We released the results of trials to deepen innovation and development in service trade. The Shanghai Digital Trade Development Action Plan (2019-2021), the Catalogue of Promotion and Guidance of Shanghai Service Trade (Including Offshore Service Outsourcing) (2019 Edition) and Measures for the Further Opening of the Service Sector in Shanghai were released.

(4) Disclosure of the information relevant to the Shanghai Municipal Government's practical projects. We upgraded the website of the community smart micro-vegetable market, published and released the work plan of the Commission's practical project construction, compiled and issued the project construction dynamic briefs and status reports on a regular basis, and reported in a timely manner the progress of project construction. We promoted enterprises on the community smart micro-vegetable market website to establish a food circulation information tracing system. Through the unified packaging with QR code identification, using the QR code to trace, record and transmit information, we connected the origin, processing and shipping information to the website's terminal consumption link, so that sources, destinations and responsibilities can be traced.

(5) Single-purpose prepaid card. In 2019, we combined the Regulations of Shanghai Municipality on the Administration of Single-purpose Prepaid Consumption Cards and rolled out the Measures of Shanghai Municipality for the Administration and Implementation of Single-purpose Prepaid Consumption Cards and the Measures for Collaborative Supervision of Service Platform Management (Trial), thereby improving the function of the "Shanghai single-purpose prepaid consumption card cooperative supervision service platform". Through connecting with the municipal government platform via the cloud, the balance information inquiry function of single-purpose cards was incorporated into the Suishenban platform, which facilitated inquiries by card consumers and made the situation visible, complaints controllable and information feedback timely.

(6) We accurately grasped the public responsibility of positioning the convention and exhibition industry in the new era. Relying on the information service platform of Shanghai's convention and exhibition industry, we provided the public with access to information on exhibition activities and other public services. There were 536 pieces of shared data in 2019. In conjunction with Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Industry Promotion Center and Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Industry Association, statistical data on the Shanghai convention and exhibition industry in 2019 was released to the public in a timely manner. In 2019, Shanghai held 1,043 exhibitions and activities, covering 19,416,700 square meters.

(7) Disclosure of the process for handling proposals. In 2019, we handled 152 motions from NPC deputies and CPPCC proposals, including 62 motions from NPC deputies (directly undertook 22 motions and assisted 40 motions) and 90 CPPCC proposals (directly undertook 34 proposals and assisted 56 proposals). In terms of the handling results, among the 56 directly undertaken proposals, 55 were adopted, and one left for reference. The adoption rate of these proposals was 98 percent, and all proposals were handled within the prescribed period and all deputies were satisfied with the results.

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