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2019 Work Report on the Government Information Disclosure of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce

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IV. Information disclosure concerning administrative reconsideration and litigation


V. Remaining problems and improvement measures

In 2019, the Commission conscientiously implemented the Regulations and the Provisions to enhance the efficiency of government information publicity, improve the transparency of government work, and improve the government's credibility. The commission actively promoted government information disclosure and has made some achievements. There were still some problems, such as the small quantity of information released, the single form of policy interpretation, and the column setting needing to be improved. In view of these problems, we are establishing a corresponding system to better serve the people.

VI. Other matters to be reported

In accordance with the requirements of the State Council and the Shanghai Municipal Government on the deployment of disclosure of government affairs, the Commission has continuously expanded the range of openness, improved transparency, and further enhanced the image of commercial work to better serve the people. First, we vigorously promoted the in-depth integration of information disclosure and the actual work of the Administration of Shanghai Diamond Exchange, adhered to the transparency of the administration's work, and accepted the supervision of the public to meet the basic needs of society for information disclosure. Second, through a QR code and the placement of electronic touch screens, the Commission made it convenient for enterprises to understand the acceptance conditions, application materials, handling places and methods of inquiry for license handling, registration of business operators' records and other matters. Third, the Commission saw disclosure of government information as an important course for young cadres on the Committee to be included in the cadre training class, and invited the leadership of the general office of the municipal government and the professors of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law departments to give special lectures. Fourth, the Commission further improved the "management platform of Shanghai municipal administrative normative documents" and made it public in a timely manner.

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