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Shanghai launches global gourmet festival

en.sww.sh.gov.cn | Updated:Jun 3, 2020


The Shanghai Global Gourmet Festival is launched on May 30. [Photo/WeChat account: scofcom]

Shanghai launched another subevent of the May 5 shopping gala – the Shanghai Global Gourmet Festival – on May 30.

As one of the 133 key activities of the May 5 Shopping Festival, the gourmet festival has attracted more than 2,000 restaurants run by more than 300 catering brands from 42 countries.

The gourmet festival, which will last for one month, insists on using "world ingredients" to reflect "Shanghai flavor", highlighting four features – famous dishes, famous chefs, famous shops and famous snacks.

At the festival's launch, 10 exotic restaurants, such as Coldock from the United States, KIWIANA from New Zealand, Moonatural from Australia, Käfer from Germany and PRIMO 1 from Italy, brought their specialties to the event.

Meanwhile, on behalf of Chinese traditional cuisines, 10 Chinese-style restaurants including time-honored brands Shanghai Classical Hotel, Lubolang, and Sunya Cantonese Restaurant, showcased the essence of Chinese cuisine.

Also at the launch were Xu Kunlin, vice-mayor of Shanghai, Shang Yuying, deputy secretary-general of Shanghai government, Hua Yuan, director of Shanghai Commission of Commerce, and Chao Kejian, deputy Party secretary of Huangpu district.

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