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Major responsibilities of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce

en.sww.sh.gov.cn | Updated:Mar 16, 2021

1. Implementing laws, regulations, rules, guidelines and policies on domestic and foreign trade, overseas investment, economic cooperation and port services; rolling out regional laws, regulations and drafts on domestic and foreign trade, overseas investment, economic cooperation and port services.

2. Formulating a construction plan and development strategy for Shanghai International Trade Center (SITC); coordinating construction of the SITC; developing and implementing the development strategy, planning, standards, measures on domestic and foreign trade, overseas investment, economic cooperation and port services.

3. Promoting the construction of a modern market system; management of the commodity spot market industry; promoting the trade-oriented headquarters; enhancing supply chain innovation and application with relevant departments; taking the lead in developing a platform-oriented economy; boosting modern logistics; promoting the construction of a renewable resources recovery system according to the division of labor; management of automobile sales, used car circulation and scrap vehicle dismantling; advancing branding in commercial sectors, and reform and innovation of time-honored brands.

4. Facilitating the construction of credit systems in the business field, improving the consumption environment; establishing a business integrity public service platform and promoting the classified supervision of commercial credit, guiding sales of commercial credit; taking the lead in launching a coordinated supervision mechanism for single-purpose prepaid cards; management of drug distribution.

5. Regulating the market of important consumer goods and managing circulation of important means of production; establishing and improving emergency mechanisms for market supply of necessities for daily life; reserve management and market regulation of important commodities in accordance with the division of labor; distribution planning and management of edible agricultural products; construction of a key product tracing system; developing the market for aquatic products; making planning and policies on liquor distribution; promoting the rural market system and a modern logistics network in rural areas.

6. Developing commercial and trade services; promoting modern distribution modes; expanding consumption; guiding and coordinating the planning of a market for commodity trade; coordinating the layout for commercial service providers;  improving and implementing the responsibility system for safe production in commerce; guiding, coordinating and supervising affairs in safety production; promoting chain and franchising operation and consumption in commerce and trade; management of business and trade operations; monitoring and analyzing the macro-operation of business and trade.

7. Promoting the service sector relating to people’s livelihoods; improving the statistics monitoring system; innovating development modes; management of the service sector relating to people’s livelihoods within its scope of duties; supervision and management of the auction sector; boosting modern service industry clusters.

8. Guiding the promotion of e-commerce development; promoting business circulation mode innovation, popularization and application of new technology in commerce and development of digital commerce; implementing an e-commerce demonstration project; construction of an e-commerce public service system; monitoring e-commerce statistics.

9. Guiding the restructuring of import and export commodities; constructing a system for promoting trade in goods; coordinating the promotion of trade facilitation and helping excellent brands tap into domestic and foreign markets; taking the lead in promoting cross-border e-commerce; statistics and monitoring of the operation of import and export trade of goods; management of imports of important industrial products; administering part of import and export commodity licenses and export quotas for commodities except grain, cotton and coal; import and export management of mechanical and electrical products, and complete sets of equipment and high-tech products; supervision and administration of import and export of dual-use items and technologies within its scope of duties.

10. Constructing a service trade promotion system; boosting the development of key fields of service trade and key modes such as service outsourcing; promoting the construction of public platforms for international technology import and export transactions; management of technology import and export, service outsourcing, software export, international freight forwarding and other industries within its scope of duties; working together with relevant departments to enhance innovation in emerging areas of trade in services; statistics and monitoring of the operation of trade in services.

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