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Major responsibilities of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce

en.sww.sh.gov.cn | Updated:Mar 16, 2021

11. Formulating a comprehensive local response plan after China's accession to the World Trade Organization and implementing it with relevant departments; establishing a regional early warning mechanism for fair import and export trade; guiding and coordinating export anti-dumping and countervailing; participating in and organizing industrial damage investigations; participating in mediation of major disputes over foreign trade; reviewing trade and policy compliance and intellectual property related to foreign trade.

12. Guiding foreign investment; leading and coordinating the promotion of foreign investment and the examination and approval and filing of foreign-invested enterprises; directing the introduction of foreign investment in development zones and related work in national-level economic and technological development zones; examination, approval and filing of the establishment and alteration of foreign-funded enterprises; providing policy consultation and other coordinated services for foreign-funded enterprises in accordance with its authority.

13. Establishing the statistical system of economic indicators and a credit evaluation system for the exhibition industry; improving the environment of the exhibition industry; promoting the integration of exhibition and related industries; managing international economic and trade exhibitions; guiding and supporting the development of key brand exhibitions; coordinating the urban service of China International Import Exposition and other large exhibitions.

14. Overseeing foreign economic cooperation, implementing relevant foreign economic cooperation matters and aid to foreign countries, management of enterprises setting up overseas branches (except financial enterprises) according to law; guiding and promoting enterprises' foreign project contracting, labor cooperation and overseas employment; taking the lead in the protection of the rights and interests of Chinese employees working abroad; organizing and participating in multilateral and bilateral economic and trade negotiations, the handling of economic and trade relations in different countries and regions under the framework of the overall strategic planning of the State's foreign economic cooperation.

15. Overseeing preliminary examination and approval of newly-opened, expanded opening and temporary opening of Shanghai ports and temporary entry and exit of non-open areas; examination, acceptance, approval of newly-opened and renovated wharves, terminal buildings, stations and other foreign-related operation areas within the open area; acceptance and approval of temporary relay of operation within the open areas; preparation for the acceptance of newly-built and expanded special supervision areas; coordinating and supervising the planning, design, investment and construction of port inspection facilities; coordinating the planning and construction of inspection facilities in special supervision areas.

16. Coordinating streamlined clearance at ports; promoting the linkage and cooperation of port inspection units; innovating the mode of supervision; guaranteeing customs clearance services for major international conferences, competitions and exhibitions; participating in port security coordination; handling problems that need to be solved by the local government for port inspection units.

17. Coordinating and promoting the informatization of ports and customs clearance in special supervision areas; statistical analysis and publication of port operation data.

18. Organizing and implementing major economic, trade and foreign activities; approval and management of the representative offices of non-enterprise economic organizations from foreign countries as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in Shanghai; promoting investment and economic and trade cooperation with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan; handling economic and trade affairs involving Taiwan.

19. Guiding and supervising the work of relevant social intermediaries and organizations in commercial sectors and ports; directing and coordinating the construction of talents in commercial sectors and ports; publicizing information on commerce and ports.

20. Undertaking other tasks assigned by the CPC Shanghai Committee and the municipal government.

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