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Shanghai launches plan to spur R&D in biomedicine

en.china-shftz.gov.cn | Updated:Jul 7, 2021

East China's Shanghai released an action plan to simplify customs clearance procedures for companies involved in the research and development of biomedicine on June 30, which is another effort by the city to transform itself into a hub of biomedical innovation.

The plan, which was issued by five local government departments, including the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce and Shanghai customs, stated that Shanghai will establish a whitelist of biomedical companies and items used in their research that can be imported to China without the need for a clearance form.

According to the plan, biomedical companies and research entities must apply to the local authorities and provide a list of items to be imported for R&D purposes until they are eligible to benefit from the new policy. Applicants must also have sufficient technology and experience in biomedical research, as well as an information management system for imported properties.

The whitelist is scheduled to be adjusted every six months, and Shanghai's Pudong New Area and Lin-gang Special Area will be the first to launch trials after the plan takes effect on Aug 1.

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