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Shanghai ensures CIIE exhibits get fast, easy entry at border

By Tan Xinyu | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated:Oct 14, 2021


Customs staff members check the first batch of imported exhibits for the fourth China International Import Expo in Shanghai. [Photo/Chinanews.com]

Shanghai has taken measures to ensure international exhibits for the fourth China International Import Expo, which starts early next month, are on a fast and easy track for processing at the border.

As Shanghai-based newspaper Wenhui Bao reported on Wednesday, Shanghai border inspection, customs, maritime and other port inspection units cooperate closely with shipping companies to jointly build a green channel involving transportation, customs clearance, unloading and transit, to help exhibits for the CIIE arrive safely and on time.

China COSCO Shipping Corp Ltd has only taken 26 days to safely transport exhibits from Germany to Yangshan Port in Shanghai amid global shipping congestion, according to the newspaper.

During the voyage, the port joint inspection unit kept abreast of the ship's itinerary and the health of the crew, and built an entry channel for the expo exhibits to shorten the waiting time for ships at anchor, said the paper. At present, due to factors such as the pandemic, ships from abroad need to wait four to five days to anchor at Yangshan Port.

Before anchoring, the ships could also do an online pre-inspection declaration, allowing cargo to be loaded or unloaded as planned when arriving at the port.


A cargo ship carrying exhibits for the fourth China International Import Expo anchors in Shanghai. [Photo/Chinanews.com]

Due to the sea congestion, some exhibits changed their transport route to air, so Shanghai inspection authorities have also taken measures to prevent coronavirus outbreaks at the border for those items being flown into the city. Meanwhile, after the arrival of international cargo planes carrying CIIE exhibits, the border inspection agency will immediately use the designated platform to handle entry and exit border inspection procedures for the flight and crew members, saving an average of 40 minutes in customs clearance.

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