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Shanghai holds workshop on e-ports cooperation

en.sww.sh.gov.cn | Updated:Nov 17, 2021


A workshop in e-ports cooperation takes place in Shanghai on Nov 16. [Photo/WeChat account: scofcom]

The APMEN (Asia-Pacific Model E-port Network) Workshop on Advancing Resilience of Logistics Through Collaboration Among E-Ports in Response to the Pandemic took place on Nov 16 in Shanghai city in East China.

It was held in parallel with the 7th APMEN Public-Private Dialogue on Advancing Trade Facilitation and Supply Chain Connectivity.

The e-port network, or APMEN, was launched in 2014 at a leaders meeting of APEC, the intergovernmental forum of Pacific Rim nations, as a regional initiative. It applies new technology – such as cloud computing, big data and the internet of things – to create opportunities for improving regional trade and supply chain connectivity.

More than 150 delegates from APEC member countries participated in the workshop, both on-site and online.

Yu Benlin, director-general of the Department of International Economic and Trade Affairs at the Ministry of Commerce, participated in the event.

He noted in his speech via video the importance of strengthening port cooperation, enhancing trade facilitation and promoting trade connectivity.

Gu Jun, the director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, pointed out that as China's largest economic center, Shanghai was ready to share successful practices with member economies under the APMEN mechanism.

This would help promote the digitalization of cities in the Asia-Pacific region and the common prosperity and sustainable development of all economies, Gu added.

Experts from various sectors discussed a range of topics. These included cross-border trade, the compliance flows of logistics data, the development of low-carbon cross-border supply chains, the construction of cross-border cargo traceability systems and the facilitation of paperwork-free air cargo11:15:36.        

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