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Shanghai offers catering delivery service in fight against virus

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated:Feb 11, 2020

The first batch of 80 restaurants with a total of 1,724 branch stores are partnering Meituan, a leading online food delivery platform in China, to provide catering deliveries for companies returning to full production in Shanghai on Feb 10.

The participating restaurants basically cover Shanghai's main catering brands such as KFC and McDonald's and Chinese traditional cuisine restaurants – Xiaonanguo and Tanggong restaurants, offering the Eight Culinary Traditions of Chinese cuisine as well as Western and Japanese food.

According to the Shanghai Food Delivery Service Convention issued by Shanghai Restaurants Cuisine Association, companies can make their orders by telephone or directly on the Meituan platform.

The convention also stipulates that catering delivery supplies should be controlled in relation to the batches and quantities and that the numbers of a single meal going to the same company should be no more than 200. It is suggested that companies book meals one day in advance.

Additionally, a raft of control and prevention approaches has been adopted to disinfect the suppliers of delivered food such as delivery men and delivery boxes.

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